My Grandmother Faints

So I was telling my family that my daughter was about to have her tonsils and adenoids out.  They were all shaking their heads and going well, this should be interesting. They all know the seriousness of her fear of doctors and procedures .  But during our discussion my adorable 91 year old grandmother told me a story.  She told me that my uncle Robert had to have his tonsils out at the age of two.  She said that during that time (almost 68 years ago) they used ether during the surgeries. She went on to say that while she was waiting for Robert to come out of surgery, she was getting nervous and started to need to tinkle (her term for pee-pee).  Being the dedicated mother that she is, she did not want to leave to use the potty for fear that she would miss something.  So, they bring out her son and she was sitting there determined to be the first thing he sees when he wakes up.  She said that the room was thick with ether fumes and she was starting to get dizzy.  Suddenly Robert wakes up and starts screaming.  My grandmother stands up to comfort him and as she does she faints, falls to the floor, and pees her pants.  She said she woke up in a big puddle with nurses standing over her.  She was very upset that she had soiled her lovely wool suit, but my grandfather went home to bring her a new one.  I found this story so helpful because I used to think that these embarrassing things only happened to me, but now I realize they are hereditary and I feel much better!